Monday 24 January 2011

Stage 7 route plan

Stage 7 will be the last leg of my jaunt around the Czech Republic, the one that takes me back to Bohumín, where I started my journey in May 2010. It’s another long stage across some arduous terrain. Day 1, however, should be relatively easy, taking me over the low-lying flatlands of southern Moravia, past the tripoint with Slovakia and Austria, and into the foothills of the Western Carpathians. Then things get seriously hilly as I negotiate the series of mountain ranges running along the Czech-Slovak border (the White Carpathians, the Javorníky and the Beskids). The highest point on the stage will be Čartak viewing tower at 950 m above sea level. From there I’ll enter Slovakia and head further east until I reach the Czech-Slovak-Polish tripoint near Hrčava. Then I’ll turn north and descend into the historical Polish town of Cieszyn, the final overnight stop of my trip. The last section is a short, flat run around the back of the city of Ostrava to Bohumín railway station.

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Date: Autumn 2011
Starting in: Břeclav
Ending in: Bohumín
Distance: 400 km approx.
No. of days: 5 (4 nights)
Overnight stops in: Vápenky (@ 110 km), Valašské Klobouky (@ 185 km), Bumbálka (@ 265 km), Cieszyn (@ 355 km)
Bike type: MTB

Stage 7 elevation profile

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