Cycling in CZ

The posts listed below contain general information on cycling in the Czech Republic.

Cycling maps of the Czech Republic
My name is Simon and I’m a mapaholic. Can’t get enough of the things. One look at my blog posts should convince you of that. But I haven’t yet talked about the maps I use. Here’s my lowdown on cycling maps of the Czech Republic.

Online cycling map of the Czech Republic and Slovakia
The Cykloserver “Cykloatlas” contains pretty much all the information you need to plan a cycling route in the Czech Republic or Slovakia. On top of that, it costs nothing to use and you don’t even have to register.

Cycle route signposting in the Czech Republic
The Czech Republic has a nationwide system for numbering and signposting its official cycle routes. These routes form an ever-expanding network covering the entire country. They run mostly along quiet roads and off-road trails, often in very picturesque locations. You don’t have to stick to the marked routes, of course, but they do make route-finding much easier in the field. So how does the system work?

Long-distance cycle routes in the Czech Republic
Here’s my guide to the principal named long-distance cycle routes in the Czech Republic.

Taking your bike by train in the Czech Republic
You can transport bikes on most trains in the Czech Republic. However, the options available are pretty complicated. Read on for a guide to the system.

How to buy Czech rail tickets
This is a follow-up to my post on taking your bike by train in the Czech Republic. Here I explain how to buy Czech rail tickets.

Prague Airport by bicycle
If you’re planning to start and/or end a cycling tour in the Czech Republic, you may be wondering how to get from and to Prague Airport with your bicycle. It’s not easy on the face of it; bikes are banned from the vast majority of the city’s buses, and the metro and tram lines don’t even run to the airport. Yet there are few options available. Read on for a guide.

Cycling in Prague - My Top Ten Tips
Prague isn’t known for being cycle friendly. Quite the opposite - it’s a hilly city with lots of tramlines and narrow, cobbled streets. Worse still, the drivers are notoriously aggressive. But things are getting better. The city authority has invested heavily in cycling infrastructure in the past few years, and biking is booming. Here are my top ten tips for cycling in Prague.

Cycling trip tips
Spring has sprung at last and it occurred to me that I could share a few tips on organising a bicycle outing in the Czech Republic.

Renting a bicycle in the Czech Republic
Here's a list of Czech bike rental companies that have information in English on their websites.

Bicycle hire from Czech Railways
In my recent post on cycling trip tips I mentioned that Czech Railways operate a bicycle hire service. The scheme runs from 1 April to 31 October every year. Read on for more details about how it works.