Monday 22 March 2010

Stage 3 route summary

Stage 3 can be summed up simply: the Ore Mountains (Cze: Krušné hory, Ger: Erzgebirge). This narrow plateau rises impressively steeply on its southern side and slopes down more gently into Germany in the north. I’ll start at the eastern end with a long climb out of the town of Děčín then stay high up in the hills almost until the finish in the Hook of Aš. For the most part I’ll be following route 23, aka the Ore Mountains Cycle Trail. The mountain range is aptly named, as tin, silver and other metals were mined here for centuries, although as far as I know there are no active mines left these days. The high points (literally) of stage 3 will be the observation towers situated on various peaks along the way. In particular, I’ll be visiting the tower atop Klínovec, at 1,244 metres (4,081 ft) the highest mountain in the range and probably the highest point on my entire journey around the Czech border.

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Date: Autumn 2010
Starting in: Děčín
Ending in:
Distance: 255 km approx.
No. of days: 4 (3 nights)
Overnight stops in: Mikulov (@ 65 km), Vejprty (@ 130 km), Kraslice (@ 200 km)
Bike type: MTB

Stage 3 elevation profile


lazyrider said...

where do you get advice about types of bikes to use from?

Anonymous said...

in england there are satellite views on google maps, you see the exact terrain. does this exist in CZ.

Circuit Rider CZ said...

The invaluable Cykloserver map (see "Sites I Like" on the left) gives a good indication of the road/trail surface. Cycle routes are marked with violet or pink lines as follows:
unbroken lines = paved route
dashed lines = unpaved route passable when dry,
dotted line = demanding route (MTB)
Thanks for your question!

Circuit Rider CZ said...

If you click on "Sat" in the map above, you should see the satellite image. The terrain ("Ter") view gives a particularly good idea of the lie of the land.

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