Monday 26 July 2010

So gorgeous it gives me goose bumps

The photo, shot this morning, shows the Izera River on the breathtakingly beautiful plateau of the same name. It's been a day of enormous contrasts, from chilly mountains down to warm sunny lowlands. I've been in and out of CZ and Poland several times, and I've ended the day in Zittau, Germany, after visiting the point where all three countries meet. I've covered a whopping 119 km today, so if you don't mind I'll sign off now and... zzzzzzz


Anonymous said...

That is some beautiful country! I am enjoying following your ride.

Maybe someday I will do the same! It would be a great way to see the place my grandfather came from!

Jim Brasic
Ohio, USA

Circuit Rider CZ said...

Thanks Jim. Cycling is certainly a good way to see this part of the world - if you don't mind a few hills!

Karen said...

There's a point where all three countries meet? Gee, I never noticed. Thanks for sharing your beautiful view.

Circuit Rider CZ said...

Yes, and there are three more. The CZ-DE-AT tripoint in Šumava National Park seems to be out of bounds for cyclists, but I hope to visit the CZ-AT-SK and CZ-SK-PL ones later on my tour.

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