Sunday 4 April 2010

Follow me!

If you like my blog and want to follow my progress in my bid to cycle around the Czech border, you can become an official follower by using the widget at the bottom of the page. Your support is very welcome.




Karen said...

Simon, I just discovered your blog and think your plan is wonderful. I hope you publish lots of pictures! I will follow with interest.

Circuit Rider CZ said...

Welcome on board, Karen, and thanks for the encouragement. Yes, there'll be photos aplenty!

Mimi said...

Simon, I too joined and will watch with interest as well as envy. I posted a question to you yesterday about a route I am considering. Then I used that on-line cycle map which indicated the route I chose was "very hard" so I'm reconsidering. At any rate, good luck with the ride. Great blog!

Circuit Rider CZ said...

Thanks, Mimi. Please see my reply to your question under "Learning to love hills (but not headwinds)".

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