Tuesday 20 April 2010

Prague spring: Ten more views from my bike

A cloud has descended on Prague - a volcanic ash cloud to be precise. But that hasn't stopped me from getting out on my bike, heading up the steepest hills and taking some more photos of the city. My last set - Prague spring: Ten views (from my bike) - was quite a hit by the modest standards of this blog. I hope this collection proves just as popular.

The ten snaps below were taken on two rides this week, one on Sunday afternoon and the other on Monday evening. Last time most of the shots were taken in the northern half of the city; this time they are all south of the centre. You'd never guess from the blue skies that all flights in and out of Prague had been cancelled due to the ash cloud.

The biggest surprise for me was the stunning view to the west from Dívčí hrady, a plateau high above Smíchov railway station. I've only ever been up there once before, and even then I managed to completely miss the best viewing point. For my money it offers one of the most breathtaking panoramas of Prague, stretching uninterrupted from Hradčany in the north to Modřany and beyond in the south. I can't recommend it highly enough. While I was there I spotted a roe deer bounding straight towards me, but unfortunately it veered off into dense vegetation before I could get my camera out to photograph it.

Here, then, are my ten favourite vistas from these two rides, followed by a map showing where each shot was taken.

1. Vinohrady district from Michle

2. Town centre from Nusle road bridge

3. Vyšehrad from Nusle road bridge

4. Vyšehrad from Podolí

5. Vyšehrad from Podolí marina

 6. Prague Castle from Výtoň

7. West bank of the Vltava from the railway bridge

8. City centre from Dívčí hrady

9. Vyšehrad and beyond from Dívčí hrady

10. Prague's Old Town in the distance from Dívčí hrady

View Ten more views of Prague in a larger map

Postscript: Back down by the river on my way home I heard a drum beating. Turning around, I saw a dragon boat with a crew of at least 20 belting down the Vltava. This time I was quicker with the camera. Check out the slideshow on the left to see this and numerous other photos that didn't make it onto the top ten list above.


Karen said...

I appreciate that you included a map. I'm especially intrigued by your #1 pick - I haven't been there or heard of it before. Great post!

Circuit Rider CZ said...

Thanks, Karen, glad you like it. I'm planning to post a third set of photos in the near future, this time showcasing ten lesser known - but no less beautiful - views of Prague. Watch this space!

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